Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carter's Tagless Stamp - Allergic Reaction

Hello Everyone,

My name is Luiza Carneiro and my daughter is 9 months old. She started having severe reaction to Carter's brand tag-less clothing since she was 3 months old. I couldn't figure out at first the cause of her reaction. I went to several doctors and their opinions ranged from food allergy to eczema to body wash to detergent. Her back will turn very red and start oozing right where the tag (stamp) is in the back, the rash will appear as the exact size and shape of the stamp. The redness will then spread out from there.

After her clothes got smaller I used different brands that fit her. The rush had completely disappeared. Last night I put on a Carter's shirt and in the morning the rush was back. I don't know what material in the stamp is causing the reaction. Has anyone else experianced the same problem.